Moschino + Sephora Bear Highlighter

When I was in Santa Barbara, there was one Sephora collection that I was hoping soooo bad that it would be restocked. Well… it didn’t. Luckily, it restocked at the time when a friend of mine was still in Santa Barbara so she could take it to the Netherlands for me (thanks Rianda 🙂 ),  and when I got my ‘end of the year giftcard/discount situation’ as a Sephora Rouge, so I basically got my item for free!

I am talking about the Moschino + Sephora collection here. The collection contains several items in the well known Moschino style: a lot of the items are Bear themed, just like Moschino. How cute is that!? Honestly, some items of the collection I thought were over the top and not so much classy anymore (packaging really matters to me, it has to be either really classy and fitting with all my other make-up or it has to be original and unique). However, there was one item that my heart melted for: the Moschino + Sephora Bear Highlighter! Because to me, it looked classy, obviously original andddd it’s a highlighter. Long term readers know that highlighters are my fav product ever!

Schermafbeelding 2018-01-21 om 17.37.57Schermafbeelding 2018-01-21 om 17.39.37Schermafbeelding 2018-01-21 om 17.38.50

I mean, look at it! How cute and awesome is this highlighter? So the packaging is reflective gold as you can see in the pictures and even though it’s made of plastic, it feels luxurious because of the weight and the strength. I like this highlighter the most out of the Moschino + Sephora collection packaging-wise, because it’s cute, original but still simple. Other items in the collection have to much extras for me (gold chain necklace, handbag handle etc.).

Schermafbeelding 2018-01-21 om 17.39.12Schermafbeelding 2018-01-21 om 17.39.24Schermafbeelding 2018-01-21 om 17.39.46

The highlighter has two shades in a split pan. But are meant to be a highlighter and they are shimmery, but I can already tell that the pink shade is going to be a blush or blushtopper for me.

Schermafbeelding 2018-01-21 om 17.40.13

On the swatches, the pigmentation is nice. Not out of this world great but also not bad. Compared to other highlighter (for instance the Wet n Wild megaglo ones), this highlighter feels kind off chalky and ‘hard’. The pigmentation needed a little of build up to get this swatch but with the build up, both are nice colors with a beautiful shimmer. At first, the shimmer looked really subtle but when I used the colors on my cheeks, you could see the shimmer clearly, just like how I like my highlighters for a everyday look. Not over the top but clearly there.

I tried the pink color (called Downtown) as a blush color at first, but for that it’s to shimmery on the face for me. It is really nice though as a blush topper or as a little extra touch to the gold/orange color (called Uptown) when used as a highlighter.

I used Benefit Rockateur as a blush, topped it with Downtown and I highlighted my face with Uptown. When build up, it gives a beautiful but natural shine.

This Moschino + Sephora bear highlighter is not one for my top five highlighters. However, it is a nice and good working highlighter and the packaging is to die for! To me, it’s still a must have highlighter because of how unique the packaging is!

The Moschino + Sephora bear highlighter retails for 22 USD and is still available online! 



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