Ciaté London Glitter Flip

Last October, when I was in Santa Barbara, I got to celebrate Halloween for the first time ever and I was planning to go big for it! I made myself a fish-scales/mermaid skirt (still extremely proud of that btw, because I’d never done that before), bought some mermaid accessories and went all out with the make-up look.

Halloween is also a perfect excuse to buy a lippie that you otherwise wouldn’t necessarily need. For my Mermaid look that was the Ciaté London Glitter Flip in Siren. A color that’s not something I would wear again but was perfect for Halloween! Also, the glittery effect is amazing!

Schermafbeelding 2018-02-14 om 11.01.43

This was my Halloween look that got me fifth place in the Costume contest! I used the NYX Ultimates Shadow palette in Brights for the color on my face (applied it over fishnet tights). The glitters on my face are by Laguna Cosmetics and the lipcolor is Siren Glitter Flip by Ciaté Cosmetics.

I loved the Glitter Flip so much because of how unique it is and how awesome the glitters are that I decided to also purchase a more wearable color for me!

Schermafbeelding 2018-02-14 om 10.58.04

The blue/green color is Siren and the pink color is Infamous.

So the Glitter Flip lippies are a little bit metallic when you apply them. Then you have to let them be for a minute or two (don’t close your lips to tight and don’t eat or drink while you let it dry). After that you have to press your lips together really tightly and then the most beautiful glitters appear – giving your some epic glitter lips!

On the left: Siren after application, having a little metallic glow. On the right is after pressing my lips together: you can see the whole lippie being way more bright and you can even see some silver glitters!

To make this whole looks glittery I used Stila Glitter & Glow liquid eyeshadow in Kitten Karma and I highlighted my face with NYX Born To Glow highlighter palette 01.

This is Infamous after application. A little less metallic than Siren though but it’s also not completely shiny nor is it matte.

Pressing the lips together and then…. awesome glittery lips!

Left: before pressing my lips and right after pressing my lips together. Infamous also has a silver glitter.

Both colors were kinda hard to apply because the formula is pretty chunky. That in combination with the good pigmentation, makes it for me something that applies funny really fast. The whole glitter effect is beautiful and luckily, you don’t feel the glitters on your lips.

I do have to say that the product dries my lips making it not the most comfortable lippie to wear for a whole day. Also, the product fades visibly on the part were the lips become mouth (yeah I do not have a clue how to say that like a normal person hahaha).

So to conclude this review: I love the lippies and the whole glitter effect. The pigmentation is great and the glitters are epic and really beautiful! The ‘flip’ part is mesmerizing and unique. The lippies are not really comfortable to wear though because they are quite drying. I do recommend the Ciaté London Glitter Flip if you like ‘special’ products and you like a glitterlip for whatever event. However, I wouldn’t say that the product is comfortable enough to buy all of the colors. But that’s up to you, ofcourse! 🙂

p.s. Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo




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