PS Amber Eye Shadow Palette (Primark Beauty)

YOU GUYS I am so so excited about this post! Last week I went to Primark and when I saw that they switched stuff around – giving the beautycorner a lot more space – I went to check out what was new. Turned out, there was a lot of new Primark Beauty stuff and I saw a lot of promising stuff!

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-03 om 13.53.32
This might be a little too much inspired by the KKW Contour Kits, haha.
Schermafbeelding 2018-03-03 om 13.53.39
I am always in for a good highlighter stick! The sticks in the upper right corner remind me of the Mlik Makeup Blur Stick and their highlighter stick. I didn’t pick up any of these though because I wasn’t impressed that much.
Schermafbeelding 2018-03-03 om 13.53.47
I love where these palettes are going! I’m getting obvious Urban Decay Naked vibes (they even named one palette Urban, haha). The After Party palette on the lowest shelf reminds me of MUG or Kylie Cosmetics palettes.
Schermafbeelding 2018-03-03 om 13.54.00
Do I see some highlighter and blush kits alla ABH here? I love how the ‘Lunar Glow’ palette looks (alle glittery on the outside and the shades are beautiful) but the pigmentation and intensity was awful unfortunately.

It looks like Primark is going on the ‘make the dupes’ path and I’m not mad about it. Obviously I do think that it’s important that brands develop their own novelties and come up with original stuff, but it’s not wrong to get inspired by other brands (as long as it’s not a complete knock-off).

There was also a whole rack with Too Faced Chocolate inspired palettes but I forgot to make a picture of that! I did pick up a Chocolate Cheek Palette from that, so you will see it on Weeks of Beauty later on!

For now I want to show you the beautiful eyeshadow palette I picked up.

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-03 om 13.55.13

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-03 om 13.55.23
The shades have names: marshmallow, cream, mirage, saffron, tuscany, burnt amber, tan, persain rose, spice, rust.

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-03 om 13.54.27Schermafbeelding 2018-03-03 om 13.54.44

This is the PS Amber Eye Shadow Palette. I would say it’s inspired by Urban Decay’s Naked Heat palette but to be fair: a lot of brands are launching warm toned palettes like this one. So to be clear: I’m not accusing Primark Beauty of ripping of/copying anything from any brand. I’m just saying that I get Urban Decay vibes for this palette and a lot of their newest products look like they are inspired by certain brands. I have nothing against that!

Anyway, back to what matters :). I fell in love with the shade combo of this palette! I swatch a few of the shades and it didn’t disappoint me so that’s how it ended up in my shopping bag!

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-03 om 13.55.30Schermafbeelding 2018-03-03 om 13.55.39

Them swatches. Do you see that!!!!!? It’s gorgeous! Not all the shades were equally as awesome but i’ll give you guys a breakdown of which shades were awesome and which need a little more love.

Marshmallow is a pale white shimmery shade. I needs a little build up for intensity but I love the bright glow of it.
Cream is really ‘creamy’ (it wasn’t on purpose, haha) and has a beautiful overal glow. For intensity in pigmentation it does need a tiny bit of build though, but it’s mostly really pretty!
Mirage is a-ma-zing. It’s creamy, has good pigmentation, a beautiful glow and it works like a dream. I would call it a orangey gold.
Saffron is a bit chalky but when you blend it well, it has really nice pigmentation and it’s a beautiful bright burnt orange (matte).
Tuscany is the disappointed of this palette (bummer, I love the color in the pan). It’s a matte but it lacks of pigmentation. It’s really hard to get product out of the pan and the pigmentation hardly shows on the skin/eye. The swatch in this picture took me at least five layers.
Burnt Amber is even more chalky and clumpy than Saffron but it is pigmented nicely and when you blend it well, it’s a beautiful and bright warm orange.
Tan is similar in quality to Tuscany. It’s hard to get product out of the pan and the color hardly shows up. When I applied it in a few layers as a transition shade on my eye, it showed up really (like really really) orange.
Persian Rose is a redish purple shimmer. It is pretty clumpy but when you take time blending it out, it has a beautiful and subtle warm glow.
Spice delivers! It’s really creamy and has nice pigmentation. I love the pink glow in the berry shade.
Rust is a matte color with some weird clump forming in it, haha. So it does need a lot of blending to get the shade even and pretty, but it does have good pigmentation!

I was really curious to see how the colors were going to work while making an eye-look, because clumpy and chalky shades can equal a lot of fall out.

I made this look with Tan as a transition shade (like mentioned before, Tan showed up really orange), Saffron in the crease, Persian Rose with a smaller brush in the crease, Spice in the other V, Mirage all over the lid and a mix of Marshmallow and Cream in the inner corner and on the brow bone.

I was really surprised to see that there was hardly any fall out. The only fall out I saw was some glitter from Mirage (the gold shade). Tan and Saffron blended really well in the crease. Persian Rose and Spice needed a little more time to be blended out nicely but it worked out really well. Persian Rose wasn’t that pigmented though but together with Spice is showed up just fine. Mirage is an amazing shade! With just my brush the intense shimmery gold shade already shows up really well and when applied with my finger, it’s one of my favorite golds ever!

Gosh, I am so happy with the discovery of this palette! I am totally going to check out some of the other eyeshadow palettes as well in the near future because I want to test them all out, haha!

The best thing of it all is that this PS Amber Eye Shadow Palette was only €6! Lovely! You go, Primark!

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