Colourpop You Had Me At Hello Pressed Shadow Palette

I’ve heard so many good things about the Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadow palettes that I couldn’t wait to try them out. I finally went for it when I place a big Colourpop order with Lux Lipsticks, Super Nova Liquid Eyeshadows, a concealer and two eyeshadow palettes. This is the first post on that haul!

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Colourpop has a number of palettes like these with 12 pressed powder eyeshadows. You Had Me At Hello is one of the few with a mirror in it, making it $2 more expensive than the palettes without a mirror. It’s still not expensive at all for a beautiful palette like this: it retails for $18!

So the pans are pretty small compared to their pressed singles (0.03 oz versus 0.05 oz for the singles) but I do not mind that at all, because it actually makes this palette small enough to take in my handbag or make-up bag on the go!

Even though this palette is really compact, it is really sturdy. Colourpop sent my whole order in just some bubble wrap and a lightly padded enveloppe, but nothing broke! That’s how strong these palettes are. That is an actual relieve because their Super Shock Shadows are known for their fragility.

The shades in this palette are pretty neutral and ‘safe’, consisting of a lot of browns and mauve tones. It’s totally up my street though!

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-15 om 13.33.56

I really wanted to test the Colourpop Pressed Shadow palettes because I heard such good things about the quality of them and oh my gosh, they do not dissappoint! Look at how amazingly pigmented and pretty they are!

The shimmers and metallics are really pigmented, really creamy, apply like a dream and are really intense in color and glow. Love them!

The matte shades are really pigmented as well and intense in color, they do tend to lose a little bit of powder when I take the product out of the pan, but it doesn’t result in fall out or anything and they are still really nice to work with. I just have to keep it in mind when I am taking some of the color on my brush, that I don’t hold the palette above something white, because the palette might leave some color.

Here I am wearing my favorite color of this palette on my eyelid. It’s the rose gold (fourth from the left in the swatches) with a beautiful golden shimmer. Love love love!

The colors are really easy to apply and blend nice as well. I personally need palettes that blend really easy because if a shadow is to pigmented or to creamy, I need a lot of time to blend them out properly and then I kind of lose my interest, haha. With these Colourpop shadows, I do not have that problem at all. They are perfect for me!

I also picked up another Colourpop Pressed Shadow Palette and you will read about that soon on Weeks of Beauty! I already know that at one point, I will definitely order two more palettes, because I love them! 🙂

Did you already try out a Colourpop Pressed Shadow Palette?


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