Colourpop Lux Lipsticks in Money Side Up & Still Crazy

Recently Colourpop came out with a nice line of lipsticks, called the Lux Lipsticks. Lux Lipsticks are described as having a ‘lux butter blend’ and a ‘creamy-matte finish’. With the first launch they came out with 33 different colors which I love because there is something for everyone. At this moment they’ve already added some more colors so the color selection is also still expanding!

I wanted to wait for a later restock of the lipsticks so I could see what people would say about the lipsticks and because the reviews were really positive, I finally got my hands on two beautiful shades!

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I went for ‘Still Crazy’ (Colourpop description: We know you’ve been thinking about this mauvey pink lately.) and ‘Money Side Up’ (CP: This bubblegum pink knows the meaning of expensive taste.). They look a like when next to each other in the bullet but they are actually really different when swatched and when worn.

The bullets of the Lux Lipsticks are quite bulky if you ask me but considering how heavy they are and how luxurious the bullet looks and feels, it adds to the fancy feel of the lipstick. I love the rose gold color of it and the subtle stars and Colourpop logo on the bullet. It’s gorgeous!

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-27 om 10.39.23

On  the lipstick itself are also stars, giving it a fun little detail.

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-27 om 10.39.06

Even the inside of the box has little stars!

Schermafbeelding 2018-03-27 om 10.39.32

The left swatch is ‘Still Crazy’ and the right swatch is’ Money Side Up’. Gosh you guys, the quality of these lipsticks! They are extreeeemely creamy yet not runny and they also don’t glide around on your lips to much. The pigmentation is out of this world: the pigmentation and color intensity glides very even and easy on the lips.

As I said earlier, these lipsticks are described as having a creamy-matte finish and that is exactly what they have! You can see on the swatches that they are mostly matte with a subtle sheen.

When applied on the lips though, the lipsticks look a bit more satin/creamy to me. I’m not complaining though, because I am getting over the extreme matte formula a bit lately.

I am wearing ‘Still Crazy’ in these pictures.

The coverage and application of these lipsticks is tha bomb! Even though they are creamy in texture (they feel really comfortable on the lips) and do glide the tiniest bit, they wear for a long time! Even after drinking and eating, I can still see some of the color. I mean, the lipstick won’t be still there completely, but it fades naturally to just some color on the lines of my lips.

And then the best part: these lipsticks only cost $7!!! The only little thing I would like to see different would be a more sleek bullet, but that’s so minor to how much I am loving these lipsticks! I am definitely going to pick up more colors in the future.

Grab your own Colourpop Lux Lipstick at! 

Have you already tried a Colourpop Lux Lipstick?

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