Chanel – Camélia de Chanel Illuminating Powder

I wasn’t sure if it would make any sense to write about this highlighter even though it has not available anymore for a little while now, but this highlighter is actually way too beautiful to not write about it. so here we are!

I am talking about the Camélia de Chanel Illuminating Powder by Chanel. It was the Limited Edition highlighter from early in 2017. Every year, Chanel comes with a beautiful limited edition highlighter (it might be twice a year but I’m not sure) and they are always really popular (read here about the most recent ones). When I got my hands on this one I thought it was too beautiful (and expensive) to use at first and it took me a while to actually start using it. Today I was thinking about what product would be fun to blog about and this highlighter won!

When you order on the Chanel website, you get your order in a luxurious box with fancy paper (with the Chanel logo on it), a seal sticker and even the samples come in a fancy Chanel satchel. I choose a mascara sample and a sunscreen sample.

The highlighter itself comes in a little dustbag so you can protect your highlighter from dirt, dust and scratches. I guess that would be nice if you throw your highlighter in your makeup bag or normal bag. For me it’s not necessary because I have my highlighters protected and organized in a Clear Cube (Dutch review here).

Schermafbeelding 2018-04-09 om 15.41.19Schermafbeelding 2018-04-09 om 15.41.27

So the compact is square and from plastic. Usually Chanel products are completely black but because this is a special edition, the top is red. It gives the compact a luxurious look. On the inside is a pretty big mirror what I really like. However, in my hand the compact feels light and cheap and the compact itself is unnecessarily big. The highlighter itself lays pretty ‘low’ in the compact (because of the room needed for the brush and it’s holder) and that adds to taking away a lot of the fancy charm of the compact. It’s absolutely not my favorite compact and for the huge amount of money you pay for a Chanel highlighter, I expected something way more fancy and luxurious (instead of bulky plastic and a useless brush, read after the next pictures).

Schermafbeelding 2018-04-09 om 15.41.31Schermafbeelding 2018-04-09 om 15.41.41

The highlighter also comes with a brush that is pretty useless for a highlighter if you ask me… It’s definitely not my brush of choice. I did give it a go but it does not pick up any product and you can’t really control where you apply the highlight on your face.

Schermafbeelding 2018-04-09 om 15.41.48Schermafbeelding 2018-04-09 om 15.41.55

When you take the black protection away, the beautiful highlighter appears! It’s so gorgeous! The highlighter is a camelia (Japanse Rose), which is the symbol of Chanel. The highlighter itself is beautiful, well designed, bright and unique.

When the highlighter catches light, it does reflect the light in a nice way. The product is not too blinding though and in color it’s a beige/gold/nude color (as you can see on the swatch, the color is a nice nude color). So the color and the limited blinding with this highlighter tells me that this highlighter is the best fit for people who are looking for a subtle but fancy glow.

It did surprise me to see that when I use the highlighter on my face, I see a lot of subtle glitters. That is totally okay for me (I make sure I don’t apply to much on my face so I don’t become a glitterbomb) but I think it’s a weird combo to make a not too extreme highlighter with a modest color, but yet the highlighter has a glitter that makes the highlighter more ‘extreme’ after all.

The highlighter applies and blends really well and looks beautiful on every skin tone. I only use this highlighter if I want a really subtle highlighter or I build it up if I want some sparkles on my face.

So yes, the highlighter is beautiful and a real collectors item. I am happy to have this in my collection because of how beautiful it is, but I won’t buy it a second time because it’s such a specific highlighter (modest yet glittery) and I’m not a fan of the packaging + useless brush for the big amount of money it costs.

Soon I will write about a Dior highlighter on Weeks of Beauty and that highlighter is an example of how to make a expensive AF highlighter worth it’s money!

What is your favorite high end highlighter?


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