PS Chocolate Cheek Palette (Primark Beauty)

Not too long ago I wrote about the PS Amber Eye Shadow Palette by Primark Beauty that surprised me with it’s quality of the shimmer shades. The palette is absolutely not the best budget palette I’ve ever tried (Colourpop and Makeup Revolution have better palettes) but because I was expecting nothing good of the Primark eyeshadow palette, I was surprised! Primark really stepped up their beauty game lately and today I have another product to show that to you!

I really like how Primark is designing their PS Beauty products lately. It’s clearly inspired by big brands like Urban Decay and Too Faced but then with a lovely price.

Schermafbeelding 2018-04-15 om 12.35.52Schermafbeelding 2018-04-15 om 12.36.01

I picked up this PS Chocolate Cheek Palette because I love the design and it is something I will definitely use, so it’s not just for the review on Weeks of Beauty.

Schermafbeelding 2018-04-15 om 12.36.27Schermafbeelding 2018-04-15 om 12.36.36

The palette contains one highlighter (peachy beige), two blushes (one more bright and one more subtle) and a bronzer. I really like this color selection because the highlighter works really well on my fair skintone (when blended into the skin there’s almost no difference in color). For an everyday look I like the Chocolate Orange blush the most because it’s not too bright but at the same time I like to use Strawberry Melt for summery looks when I like my clothes, lipstick and blush a little more bright.
The bronzer is a good match to my skin tone because it’s warm but not orange and also lighter than most bronzers I see, so it’s not too much.

The palette smells like vanilla/chocolate buttt in a chemical way. It doesn’t smell awful but I definitely would not want it as a perfume.

Schermafbeelding 2018-04-15 om 12.36.57

All of the shades are pretty chalky and chunky so it takes some patience and blending to make it pretty on your skin.
The highlighter Vanilla Cream really has to be blended and smoothened to be even because it is really powdery out of the palette. It does have a nice amount of pigmentation and shine though.
The Chocolate Orange blush does not have a lot of pigment at all. It’s really dry and I really have to dig in to get some color out of it. I had to try so hard to get some pigmentation out of the pan that I actually broke the color.. oops…
The Strawberry Melt blush is actually really pigmented but also very patchy and hard to blend out. Where you apply the color on your skin is where the color will stay. It is a nice color though that makes my skin look very healthy, but I have to be really careful with the application. I apply only a little bit at the same time and then I take a clean brush to blend blend blend blend blend until it’s not a spot of bright color anymore but a flush of color on the cheeks.
The Bronzer Milk Chocolate does not have a lot of pigment but I am totally fine with that, because as you may know: I struggle a hella lot with bronzer. When I apply Benefit Hoola it looks like just a wipe of brown product on my cheek in notime. So I am really happy with this bronzer because of it’s little pigmentation. Therefore, it works really well on my skin. I can warm my face up without having it too brown or orange or whatever. It just looks nice! Blending is alright with this one as well so I like it!

I put Strawberry Melt on the apples of my cheecks (had to blend like crazy), Milk Chocolate under my cheeks (I forgot the right word for it, haha) and I worked it in a bit into my hairline for the all over warmed up look. I applied Vanilla Cream on the high points of my face. (The beautiful colors I have on my eyes are also from Primark Beauty, stay tuned for a little review on that soon!).

On the face, the highlighter is a bit glittery (so keep that in mind if you don’t like glittery highlighters) but nothing too crazy. It helps warming up my face and it looks nice. When it catches the light, it gives my face a beautiful gold glow.

So overall I actually really like this PS Chocolate Cheek Palette! It’s definitely not the best in the world but it’s something I will use more. Besides, it’s always very nice to have a palette that has everything you need for the cheeks. Also, I love that I like the bronzer this much and the highlighter did not disappoint me (I’ve tried tons of highlighters because it’s my fav part of makeup).

If you are ready and willing to blend a bit to make your make-up pretty and if you get a long with the colors of this palette, I absolutely recommend it to you! For only €5 it’s a nice addition to anyone’s collection!

Have you already tried something from the PS Primark Beauty collection?


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