Huda Beauty New Nude eyeshadow pallette (Blogmas Day 2)

Welcome to Beauty Blogmas 2018 day 2! Here to show you one of the prettiest eyeshadow palettes I’ve tried lately. A definite gifting tip for yourself or the beauty obsessed in your life!

Huda Beauty is well known for their gorgeous eyeshadow palettes. I always thought they are beautiful, but non of the big palettes appealed so much to me that I picked it up. Until the New Nude palette was revealed. Just the name New Nude didn’t drew my attention but when they revealed the inside, I was sold.

Schermafbeelding 2018-12-01 om 14.47.49Schermafbeelding 2018-12-01 om 14.46.56Schermafbeelding 2018-12-01 om 14.47.03

Look at how gorgeous this palette is! People had lot’s of opinions about the shade range for a so called nude palette, because it’s basically a pinks, purples and mauves palette. However, this is totally up my street for an everyday, night and over the top eye. These shades are gorgeous for complete eye looks but they are also great for a one color look.

Schermafbeelding 2018-12-01 om 14.47.12

The shades are a mix of mattes, shimmers (two different kinds, a ‘normal’ shimmer and a metallic, extreme shimmer), glitters and even a concealer color as an eye primer.

Schermafbeelding 2018-12-01 om 14.47.25Schermafbeelding 2018-12-01 om 14.47.42

I think it’s very unique and innovative to have such a wide variety of finishes. You can see all the different finishes in the pictures above. Concealed is the concealer/eye primer, Crave, Daydream and Fantasy are the metallic shimmers, Kinky is the ‘regular’ shimmer, Excite and Infatuated are the glitters and the others are the mattes.

The metallic shimmers are a mix of chunks from two shades, one some sort of silver. It looks chunky in the pan, kind of like gems. When you swatch it though, the shades are so intense in pigmentation and mostly the shine. It’s amazing! I’ve never seen a shimmer like this.

Schermafbeelding 2018-12-01 om 14.46.24Schermafbeelding 2018-12-01 om 14.46.31

Every single shade is extremely pigmented, no exceptions. The shimmers (both the regular and the metallic ones) are very creamy, smooth and shimmery. The chunky metallic shimmers really show the silver part in the shine making the shine more intense.

The Concealed shade has to be warmed up with my finger first before it is smooth enough. It is a pretty sticky concealer/primer though, so I have to set it for sure. Bare is the perfect shade for that on my skin tone.
For me the Concealed shade matches pretty well with my skin tone but I can imagine there are a lot of people for who the shade is too fair. Two or three different Concealed shades would’ve be nice I think.

The matte shades in this palette are so so pigmented. Some are a bit chunky though, so I experience some kick back in the pan as well as on my eyes when applied with a brush. It’s not the biggest problem for me though, because I always do my eyes before concealer and powder. You do have to keep that in mind though.
When swatched, the mattes do their magic in a precise spot. When wiped out, the mattes lose some of their intensity in color. That is what makes the pigmentation so great and the intensity high, but it also means that the color have to build up a bit when you want to blend it well on the eye.

The glitters are pressed glitters and they are gorgeous. In the swatches, the glitters are made up of two layers and that already has a great coverage. They definitely have to be applied over a glitter primer because otherwise the glitter will go every where on your face but I don’t think that can be prevented with glitter without the primer anyway.
For the glitters I wish one of the two was a gold/silver/white glitter because these two look a lot like each other when applied on the eyes.

In this look I used Bare all over the eye, Lace as a transition color in the crease, Raw in the outer corner, Crave in the inner third of my eyelid and Charmed on the other part of my eyelid.

The mattes all blend very effortlessly into each other. Like I mentioned before, some mattes do have some fall out and might need to be build up in intensity because they blend so easy and fade out a bit with the blending.

The shimmers work best when applied with a finger. You basically just have to touch the pan once and then touch your eyelid once and the shimmer is intense and shiny already. Love the formula so much!

Huda Beauty also came out with three double ended brushes of which one is meant to apply the shimmery shadows. I did not get my hands on it yet but I am very curious to see if it THE brush for creamy shimmers.

This palette is not the most affordable palette and the shade range is not new on the market, but these shimmers are so innovative and the combination of different shade finishes is so cool, that I do think this palette is worth your bucks and a good palette to dip your toe in the Huda Beauty pool of awesomeness!

What do you think of this palette? Do you like the pinks/berries/mauves in your eye looks?


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