Essence twinkle, twinkle iridescent powder highlighter (Blogmas Day 21)

Remember the gorgeous Essence Christmas eyeshadow palette I wrote about on Blogmas Day 9? I already told you that I also picked up the highlighter from that collection and here’s the review on it! I’m very curious to see if the highlighter is just as amazing as the jingle all the way eyeshadow palette. Welcome to Blogmas Day 21! 

Schermafbeelding 2018-12-19 om 21.41.29Schermafbeelding 2018-12-19 om 21.39.09Schermafbeelding 2018-12-19 om 21.39.17

So this highlighter is supposed to be an iridescent highlighter powder. In the pan it looks pink with a purple shift.

You can already see the shift a little in these two pictures side to side. I love the cute embossing in the product. So Christmassy :).

When swatched I do find that the highlighter is pretty powdery. The shade is pretty but not very intense and bright. It’s a muted pink with purple shift. The product gives quite some kickback in the pan when you go in with a brush.

The highlighter applies on the face easily and when applied, the highlighter doesn’t look as powdery anymore. I like the purple/pink glow for special occasions. However, this highlighter is not very blinding and it doesn’t do much when the light isn’t hitting the highlighter the exact right way.

It’s a cute highlighter in this collection but it’s not a brilliantly great highlighter. Essence can do much better in my opinion!

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