Boozyshop Microfiber Makeup Sponge (Blogmas Day 29)

For Blogmas Day 29 I’ve got a first impressions for you guys! A little while back the whole beauty community was raving about this microfiber makeup sponge that NikkieTutorials introduced in one of her videos. I was curious about it as well but it was hard to get in the Netherlands (and sold out all the time) so I forgot the sponge and moved on. Until recently when Boozyshop (Dutch makeup webshop) launched their own microfiber sponge! It sold out in an instant but luckily they just restocked it and I got my hands on it. I have yet to try it out with different makeup but for now I’ve got a first impressions. 

Boozyshop holds a little special place in my makeup heart, haha. It’s the shop where I bought my first ‘expensive’ eyeshadow palette (the Nude Dude palette by TheBalm). I used to order frequently from there but at some point my interest shifted to brands that were not available in the Netherlands. Not too long ago I took a peek on Boozyshop again and I saw that they carry so much more brands now! Also a lot of brands that are hard to get in the Netherlands, so they are surely doing it right!

Schermafbeelding 2018-12-30 om 13.57.54Schermafbeelding 2018-12-30 om 13.58.04Schermafbeelding 2018-12-30 om 13.58.11Schermafbeelding 2018-12-30 om 13.58.18

This is how the Microfiber Makeup Sponge looks like. When it comes to shape and size it’s very similar to the Beautyblender, but this sponge is softer than a Beautyblender, a little bit bigger and the most important difference is the texture.

Schermafbeelding 2018-12-30 om 14.01.47Schermafbeelding 2018-12-30 om 14.01.31

The Beautyblender (a new one on the right) is smooth with visible ‘pores’, the Boozyshop Microfiber Sponge has tiny hairs that supposedly hold on to your product instead of soaking it in. Also, the ‘pores’ are less wide so that probably also helps preventing the sponge from soaking in the product.

Schermafbeelding 2018-12-30 om 14.04.00

I actually prefer using the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge over the Beautyblender because it’s softer, it has a flat side and its’ way cheaper than the Beautyblender (Real Technique Miracle Complexion Spone = €6,95, Beautyblender = €19,95, Boozyshop Microfiber Sponge = €4,95).

What I also prefer with the Real Techniques sponge is that a few sprays of Mac Fix+ are enough to make it softer and less ‘dry’ in use. With the Beautyblender I only get that effect when I let it soak in some actual water. The Real Techniques sponge is therefore easier in use for me.

I do still use the Beautyblender though. For my daily routine I use the flat side of the Real Techniques sponge to blend my concealer. I then use the point of the Beautyblender for setting my concealer with powder.

Whenever I use a liquid blush or highlighter, I use the round side of the Beautyblender to apply and blend the product.

I find that the Boozyshop Microfiber Sponge does not soak up the Mac Fix+ as easy as the Real Techniques sponge but that might change once I’ve used the sponge more. Also, I have yet to try it out when it soaked up water.

When it comes to application of concealer, I feel like the Boozyshop sponge indeed soaks up less product, but I feel like it blends the product less even than the Real Techniques sponge. However, I use so little product that in the end, you can not see a difference what so ever.

I am definitely going to play around some more with the Boozyshop Microfiber Makeup Sponge because the idea is awesome and it has great potential! I’m thinking I might see more of a difference when I’m applying foundation or liquid blush or something, so soon I’ll be trying that out.

Have you tried a Microfiber Makeup Sponge already? What do you think?

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