Milani Pure Passion eyeshadow palette

Milani is one of those brands you don’t hear much about, until they come out with a bomb ass product that every beauty Youtuber is raving about. One of those products are their blushes (loved by Tati Westbrook and Allie Glines) and some of their eyeshadow palettes. I had gotten very curious about the Pure Passion palette (people said it is very creamy and amazingly pigmented) and when the palette was discounted (I feel like it was on accident though because after a couple of days the regular price was back) and I could choose something for Christmas from my brother, I went for it!

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This palette has 12 mauve/pink/purple/brown shades. Exactly what I love!

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-24 om 19.55.53Schermafbeelding 2019-02-24 om 19.56.17

The palette has six mattes and six darks. The top six shades are the light ones for a soft look and the bottom six are darker, for a smokey eye or something for an evening out. The shades can also be mixed obviously, but I wanted to point out the layout because I actually go for the top six for my everyday look and I incorporate some of the bottom six in the look when it’s for a party or something.

The packaging of this palette is very strong and it has a luxurious look + feel. It closes well, not magnetically. What I like is that the hinges of the palette (really not sure how to describe this haha) are strong and stiff, so you can set up the inside mirror in every angle you want and it will not fall down. Extra points for ease of use!

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-24 om 19.56.31

These are the swatches of the top six shades. Three shimmery ones (of which the first has more loose glitter particles in it) and three mattes. All creamy and pigmented well. The shade on the left does give some fall out because of the loose glitter particles and the beige matte shade in the middle needs some building up before you see the shade well but overall these shades are nice!

It’s hard to tell from these swatches, but the shimmer in the middle is a brown/gold shade with a gorgeous pink shimmer in it. My favorite shade in this palette!

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-24 om 19.56.39

These bottom shades are of a whole another level though. The first six where nice but these shades are of amazing quality! You can already tell from the swatches. The three shimmers are so so so so creamy and pigmented and opaque! The mattes are very pigmented and opaque as well. They are a bit more chalky though so you want to build up the shade if you want it to be blended flawlessly.

The three dark mattes can give some fall out but I don’t care about that much because I’ll just do my eye makeup before my face but it’s good to know if you despise fall out.

I adore the looks that I can make with this palette. The mattes are easy to work with, they build up nicely and they are easy to blend as well. The shimmers are absolutely gorgeous and I love how bright they make my eyes look. That’s exactly what I want in a good palette, that the eye looks I can create from it will open up and make my eyes bright. Also very important to me is that the shimmers stay this shimmery and bright during the whole day!

The only little down side I could find with this palette is that some of the shades look pretty similar when applied on the eyes so I like to use shades that contrast more.

The Milani Pure Passion eyeshadow palette retails for $19,99 on and €24,95 on


    • I felt the same when I first saw it online. The color selection is gorgeous and full of my favorites, but it’s not original or special or something. But those swatchessss! haha 🙂

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  1. I’m finally seeing these palettes in drugstores in Canada. That took SO long, these came out months and months ago! I love both looks you created, the swatches looks so beautiful & pigmented!

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