Huda Beauty Neon Pink Obsessions

One of my most recent brilliant finds is the Huda Beauty Neon Pink Obsessions eyeshadow palette. I’ve been loving the little Obsessions palettes by Huda much, especially the Coral Obsessions one. This time Huda Beauty came out with three neon inspired palettes: orange, green and pink.

Schermafbeelding 2019-07-12 om 14.55.53Schermafbeelding 2019-07-12 om 14.56.07

The palette is awesome, neon and very pink. The palette has nine shades of which five mattes, two shimmers and two glitter/shimmers. It’s all pink and purple and the shades are just so bright!

Schermafbeelding 2019-07-12 om 14.56.16

Uhmmm yes! This is a palette that I will not be wearing on a weekday to work (though, the shimmery shades I might) and the shade selection would’ve been even more perfect with a more subtle, transition pinky shade. The top left shade works as a transition shade when going all out and since that’s what this palette is definitely designed for, I guess it’s fine!

Schermafbeelding 2019-07-12 om 14.56.23Schermafbeelding 2019-07-12 om 14.56.37

Have you ever seen shades this bright and intense?! I surely haven’t before (though it does remind me of the Colourpop Ooh Lala! eyeshadow palette). The mattes are insanely pigmented, smooth and bright. The shimmers/glitters are even more creamy and also pigmented well. Most importantly, the shimmers are crazy shimmery.

For this look I used the light purple and lightest salmon pink (top left) in the crease, the matte purple in the row most right in the outer corner. On the eyelid I used a tiny bit of the bottom right pink shimmer in the outer third and on the whole eyelid I used the shimmery purple that’s in the middle of the palette.

To make it even more glittery I put some Colourpop Jelly Much shadow in No Rest for the Vivid on top. That’s also an awesome eyeshadow that I will tell you more about another time on Weeks of Beauty.

I am very impressed by this eyeshadow palette. The shades are pigmented well, intense in color, smooth in application, they blend well and the shimmers do shimmer intensely!

So if you are looking for neon inspired pink eyeshadows or just a fun eyeshadow palette, then I do recommend the Huda Beauty Neon Pink Obsessions eyeshadow palette for sure!

Little side note: I haven’t heard much positive about the Neon Green Obsessions palette. It might be smart to check some reviews before you purchase that one :).

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