Colourpop Sweet Talk eyeshadow palette

You know I love me a good Colourpop eyeshadow palette (because of their bomb quality) so I thought it was about time to review another one. Let me introduce you to the Sweet Talk eyeshadow palette!

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What brought this palette to my attention the first time is the gorgeous and fun packaging design! The box, the outer design, the inside! Obviously the holo inside gets bonus points as well :). Besides that, I really love the shade selection of this palette. It’s fun and bright but still has a lot of neutrals going on so you could make a basic look with it as well, if desired.

Schermafbeelding 2019-07-13 om 17.25.15Schermafbeelding 2019-07-13 om 17.25.23

So Colourpop has been dipping their toes (nawh dipping their whole brand) in the world of glitter and pressed glitter and they are doing it pretty well actually. This palette contains two pressed glitters, three shimmers and seven mattes. It has some great transition shades, one lighter shade (though matte, I prefer it to be shimmery for an inner corner highlight) and three darker shades to smoke it all up a bit.
The palette also includes lots of fun pops of color for a fun and colorful summery eye look.

Schermafbeelding 2019-07-13 om 17.25.32

As usual: shimmers are creamy bomb and amazing. Mattes are creamy and pigmented well, however I did find the two shades Meadow and ICYMI rather chalky. You can see how weird the swatch looks. Not very smooth… It’s okay with some work but I am not used to this with Colourpop pressed mattes. I do suspect that the kind of shade has something to do with it though, it might be very hard to formulate and I have zero knowledge of that so let’s just think that’s what caused it :).

The shimmer Side2Side (second from left) has a very special formula, it feels slippery like the Colourpop Super Shock Shadows are. It might be a little bit of that formula? And it doesn’t really matter anyway because the shade is still gorgeous and of great quality.

Schermafbeelding 2019-07-13 om 17.25.42

The two glitters are very interesting because the glitters are actually pretty chunky, but they pick up from the pan so easily and as you can see on the swatch, the glitters are pretty dense. Pleasantly surprised I am!

For the description of what kind of shade the glitters are, I’m just going to use the description of Colourpop because they obviously know best:

Prima Drama is a ‘pale rose gold glitter with a copper and gold duochrome shift’.
Early Mornin’ is a ‘marigold glitter’.

Besides the marigold shade, the glitters are a mix of warm gold and cool gold, if you were to ask me :).

For this look I used Dream Maker and Work It in the crease, ICYMI in the outer corners, Garden Date on the whole eye lid, Prima Drama glitter on top of it and Side2Side in the inner corners.

Mattes work and blend wonderfully, Garden Date applies amazingly with a finger, Side2Side applies best with a finger also (the shimmers won’t pick up otherwise). The Prima Donna glitter is amazingly pretty but very very glittery in the sense that it has fall out of chunky glitters and it’s very hard to apply in the right spot. It didn’t help that I didn’t use any glitter primer as well, because I wanted it to be easily removable.

The glitter is awesome for a party or something but besides that it’s a no because my opinion on glitters won’t change: it’s a nightmare to remove from your eyes and after that from your whole face. That being said: it is a very pretty pressed glitter!

Other details from my look: glowy lips made possible by the NARS Oil-Infused Lip Tint in Orgasm (review here), blush is Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic blush in Pillow Talk (review here) and highlight was provided by the Pixi by Petra Glow-y Gossamer Duo in Subtle Sunrise (review here).

For this look I was actually thinking: let’s make it a little less orange and try out the pink and gold. Well… mission failed haha. For this look I used Dream Maker in the crease, Meadow in the outer corner, Melody on the whole eye lid and Garden Date on the outer third of the eye lid. Turns out all the shades turn a bit peachy orange on the eyes and Garden Date is such an amazingly pigmented and opaque shade that it takes over the whole eye look.

So it turns out no subtle and neutral looks to be made with this palette. But not to worry, the looks you can make with this palette are fun and colorful and the shades are all of brilliant quality! Just like we are used to from Colourpop :).

For me personally I could do without the two glitters in the palette because of personal preference and I would’ve liked two shimmers that are not that orangy/peachy looking instead, but it is amazing that Colourpop is varying with the formulas and finishes. Yay Colourpop and Yay to just another great pressed powder eyeshadow palette!

And the best part: the Colourpop Sweet Talk Pressed Powder Palette retails for only $18!


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