Beauty Nieuws Nederland

Hi everyone,

Just a quick general notice.

If you are just as a beauty fanatic as I am, you know that @trendmood1 is the Instagram page to go to if you want to know about the newest launches, new brands and sneak peeks of upcoming products and collections.

I found that there is no page like that for the launch dates in the Netherlands. Trendmood mentions international dates from time to time but what I would love is a page that has all the dates for the Dutch launches.

So… I started the Instagram page myself!

If you live in the Netherlands (and Belgium, since the dates probably won’t differ that much) you can now go and follow @beauty_nieuwsNL!

This way you will be the first to know about the new and hot launches in the Netherlands. And just like Trendmood, you can send us all the launches you’ve spotted yourself so we can share it with the community.

Schermafbeelding 2019-09-29 om 20.45.46

Yay, so excited!

See you there!

X Tessa

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