Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Instant Eye Palette

The past couple of months (since December) I’ve thoroughly been enjoying the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Instant Eye Palette. The ‘big’ eyeshadow palettes by Charlotte Tilbury have been known to be gorgeous and since I love the Pillow Talk shade so much (find the lipstick and blush here), I decided this was my moment to pick up the newest release of the Instant Eye palette.

I am going to spoil this review a little bit for you because I already want to say that I love the shades and quality of the palette, but I do not think it’s amazing enough to be priced so incredibly steep at €75,-.

Let’s check it out!

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When it comes to the palette design, I love how luxurious it looks and feels. That’s one of the many powers of Charlotte Tilbury makeup. The (rose)gold luxury packaging already makes half of the product (and the price, probably).

Schermafbeelding 2020-04-12 om 17.58.09Schermafbeelding 2020-04-12 om 17.58.31

Here is a peek at the inside of the palette. The palette is divided in four looks: Day, Desk, Date and Dream. You can obviously also mix up the shades from every look, which is what I like to do.

I was instantly drawn to the shades in Day and Dream. The Day shades are very similar to the Pillow Talk Luxury Palette. The first two from Day and the second from Desk might even be identical to the shades in The Easy Smokey Eyes Palette (read the review here).

Okay maybe not identical, but very similar so you won’t need The Easy Smokey Eyes palette If you’ve got the Instant Eye Palette :). The Easy Smokey Eyes palette was originally a Nordstrom exclusive but you can now also purchase it from the Charlotte Tilbury website and Cult Beauty!

Schermafbeelding 2020-04-12 om 17.58.54Schermafbeelding 2020-04-12 om 17.59.01Schermafbeelding 2020-04-12 om 17.59.08

The shades are absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to dip into the shimmers. In the palette I am missing two kind of shades though: a light pink and a light white shade that would both be perfect for an inner corner highlight and to give more definition to the shimmer on the lid.

Schermafbeelding 2020-04-12 om 17.59.22 As you can tell from the swatches, the lightest shade in this palette is actually very warm, more a white golden shade.

More on the shade selection is that I find it very unfortunate that the brown shades are all so similar and that the two brown/pink-ish shades are so similar as well. I would’ve replaced some of them for some lighter shades so the palette would be more diverse.

Overall I think the shimmers are of wonderful quality and that’s a huge plus for this palette, because the shimmers in the Luxury Palettes by Charlotte Tilbury tend to be way less pigmented and creamy. Still nice, but not Huda Beauty creamy quality and the shimmers in this palette can actually be considered to be of high quality, if you were to ask me.

When it comes to the matte shades I think it’s pretty okay. They are pigmented okay and are really, really nice to blend. Though, some of the mattes are a bit on the dry side and a tiny bit of more pigment wouldn’t been bad.

Applying these shades with a brush is very easy and flawless, so that’s nice. The mattes are easy to pick up and I press it on the eyes. After that I take a clean brush and blend it out.
The shimmers are also easy to pick up with a flat brush. I put some pressure on the brush when picking up the product and I press it on the eyes as well.

The first look I’ve created is with the Day and Desk shades and one of the Date shades to darken the outer corners a bit. Even the pink/brown shimmer turns pretty orange/copper on me, as you can see.
The lipstick I’m wearing is (if I remember correctly) Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Pillow Talk and the darling blouse is from Fabienne Chapot.

The second look I’ve created is with the first shade from Desk and the third shade from Day in the crease, the matte pink from Dream in the inner and outer third of the eye and the first shimmer shade from Dream on the whole eye lid. I completed the look with the light shade of Day in the inner corner. This picture makes the look a bit more copper than it is, because in real life it’s definitely a pink smokey look.  A lighter pink shimmer would’ve been great to get more definition in this look, though.
The lipstick I’m wearing is Amazing Amal (Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2). The cutest sweater ever is also by Fabienne Chapot.

To round up my thoughts on the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Instant Eye Palette: it’s a gorgeous and luxurious eyeshadow palette with some nice, basic shades. You can go from basic and natural make-up to a pink and/or brown smokey out glam eye. The shade selection could’ve be a little bit broader (no shades that are so similar). The quality of the shades are nice, with some very good shimmers to okay mattes.

Even though it’s a nice palette with beautiful shades, I think it could’ve been so much more for €75,-! I will make sure I get some good use out of it, of course :).

What do you think of this palette? What is your favorite Charlotte Tilbury product?

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